BLOB LAB is my boutique retouching studio based in Brooklyn, NY.
I specialize in detailed editorial and dressed product, creative comping as well as pre-production consulting
I'm always happy to work and experiment with creative people of all sorts, of any professional level
and with any kind of budget.
time permitting, if needed, I'd be happy to process some images as free test.
please check also my video section with some experiments in direction, creative and edit :) 
for all that matters .. .
I'm from milan, italy
My experience has been mostly accumulated by working for over 20 years with celebrity and music photographer Mark Seliger as full time post-producer (2000-2011) and more sporadically in recent years.
before working as retoucher and photographer,  I've worked as photo assistant + black and white printer (1995-2000)
Mark Seliger, David Lachapelle, Mario Testino, Michelangelo DiBattista, Ruven Afandor, Joyce Tenneson among the photographers I've worked with in my assisting days.
I've also worked more directly for celebrities and art directors for their own retouching and printing work. Keith Richards, Lenny Kravitz, Santana, Fred Woodward.
In more recent years I've also been working as a portrait and fashion photographer alongside my old time italian friend Amilcare Incalza who art directs his own creative site ilk, linked in this site above.
I like to believe to have accumulated a fairly decent understanding of the photographic process from beginning to end including, production, make up, hair, fashion as well as lighting, digital medias, gelatin film and some illustration.  
I always try my best to work along with photographers to develop look, ideas, composition and overall coloring until final approval as well as handling directly the complexity of interactions and image adjustments between photographer and clients if required.

For inquiries please send request to: or use the contact form in this site.
Looking forward to working with you :)
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